Polar Bears in the Canadian Arctic


This November, I'll be heading back to the Canadian Arctic to once again be with my beloved polar bears... and this time, there's space for more.

I'm partnering with Churchill Wild - the world's only company that offer walking with polar bears - in what is undoubtedly my favourite place on Earth: the Hudson Bay. 

With three departures in total (one at Seal River, another at Nanuk), you'll get the chance to stare into the eyes of the world's largest land mammal... on foot. Seriously. Not only polar bears but also, wolves, Arctic fox, snowy owls, moose, and if you're lucky, the magical northern lights.

This is a photo safari, meaning I'll be teaching you in-the-field as we share space with these amazing animals. Back in lodge, there'll be small post-processing sessions, as well as one-to-one on your photography.

The dates for each departure (plus LOTS of info!) are below, along with the appropriate link. See you there!